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Strathmore Minor Soccer FederationFriday, November 15, 2019  
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Online Registration Instructions:


***Please note:  You must have javascript and cookies enabled for the members area to launch.  If you click the "Launch Member Area" button below and nothing happens, then you need to make sure javascript is enabled.***

***Please verify that your profile is updated with your current email address!

You will be asked to create a family and enter all adults and players through SETUP FAMILY.

1. Click on Profile on the left side of the screen ,
2. Click on Edit Profile and then click Edit Personal Contact Information to update your own personal information including Address, Birthday (if you want), phone number, etc. Note that this information will carry through to your family members and can be edited through the Add/Edit Family Link.
4. Click on add more family members.
5. Then add the family member (It is not necessary to add yourself again.) - completing ALL required information: ieGiven Name, Last Name, Email, Birthdate and Member Role. You may have to scroll over to the right to see the complete screen.
6. When all fields have been filled click ADD MEMBER button.You can add family members later on by clicking on this link again or the PROFILE link in the left menu.

Contact info for each adult can also be entered through Parent Info one at a time. You will see the adults listed above the form links after submitting the information. If you need to change any information, click on the REMOVE link beside the parent and go back to Parent Info to re-enter the correct information. If you have registered online previously, you will simply need to confirm that all of your information is still correct.

Add children the same way as adults, by clicking on Child Info. You will notice that contact information has been automatically passed on from you. Change the information if needed or fill in the extra fields that are required. Note that you may add a password to a child's account at this time so that the child will be able to see their Team Player Link.

Register children listed in the drop down menu in Child Registration one at a time. You will see categories and fees that the child is eligible to play in. If you make a mistake after submitting the registration choice for a child, simply click on the DELETE link listed beside the child at the top of the form links page and start again at Child Info.

If you are registering for the Competitive Program AND the Skills Training, you will need to enter them one at a time.  Choose the Competitive Team age group, then click Done.  When the next screen comes up, click Add Registration Item.  You must now select Child Registration (Step 5), which will take you back to the screen where you choose your player to add the next option.  Choose the Skills Training option that you want, then click Done.  You can now register any additional children or proceed to payment.

The SUBMIT button will be enabled after one child has been registered. Make sure that you have all adult volunteers and children registered before submitting your family's registration. After submitting you will be prompted to take a quick look at the registration.

Please note that you can log out and return to the members area to finish an incomplete registration. Incomplete registrations have an ADD/EDIT INVOICE # link when you return to the registration section of the Members Area. Registrations that need to be paid for have a MAKE PAYMENT link available. Please ensure you pay immediately after submitting the registration to secure your spot.

If you experience problems with this registration process, please review the above instructions carefully to make sure you haven't missed a step. You will know which step is missing because there will be a RED X beside the step that is not complete. Steps are listed across the top of the page during registration.

Please click on the HELP link on the left hand side and fill out the form if you have any questions or problems with the registration, and you will be contacted with a solution via email.

To register, please CLICK HERE.

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